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12 мая 2015 года

ОПЕРАТОР для БИЗНЕСА. Стратегии и тактики роста

конференция и выставка

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(495) 229-49-78, 502-50-80

About a conference

Conference and Exhibition for B2B operators

OPERATOR for BUSINESS. Srategies and growth tactics

May 14, 2015

Organizer: IKS-MEDIA 

Conference Objectives:

  • promote the development of carrier business in the B2B segment, overcoming stagnation, finding additional sources of income
  • help operators and suppliers of services and content to turn the negative trends in the market due to the positive trends of their own business
  • give top manager reliable knowledge to make the right business and technical solutions

Means of achieving the objectives:

  • to obtain reliable information and analysis on the state of this sector, the review of consumer preferences
  • foreign cases B2B service providers
  • IT Outsourcing
  • legal workshop on the use of the legal field opportunities for business
  • business partnership - model potential interaction between operators
  • operator and content services - topical today and tomorrow profitable
  • IT services for operators - the introduction, development, evaluation of profitability
  • Technology development - network infrastructure, telephony, internet access, TV, optics, radio technology, video conferencing, data center
  • Customer Relationship Management - analysis of customer experience, loyalty programs, marketing strategies, advertising campaigns


  • a wide range of technological solutions that provide new business opportunities on the show floor and in the business program of the forum
  • discussion platform for online searching and finding business truth - a panel discussion and roundtable discussion at the forum
  • Speakers - analysts, market experts, potential partners of the operator and supplier of content and services

The target audience of the conference "OPERATOR FOR BUSINESS" - top managers and owners of capital and regional B2B operators last mile and backbone networks.

Expected number of participants: 250 + delegates.

Should you have any questions on sponsor and delegate participation please contact commercial department of IKS-MEDIA

Julia Sukhova

tel.: (495) 229-4978, 785-1490, 502-5080 

e-mail: sukhova@iksmedia.ru